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Saturday, December 29, 2012

It Was a Holly Jolly Christmas And the Best Time of the Year

This Christmas was spent in Naples, Florida with my brother, Buddy and his family.

This is my beautiful, great niece, Jenna, and my ever so wonderful sis in law, Diane.

My nephew's wife, Kathy, is not only beautiful but caring and smart (she is a Physician's Assistant) and the girl can COOK!

 These photos were taken at their country club's Breakfast with Santa.  This is Kathy's niece, Analeigha.  She is eight and enjoyed having her face painted and the other activities for children.
 Christmas Eve my brother, Bud, was able to come home from the rehab center where he is recovering from a massive intestinal infection that nearly took his life.  Diane prepared a lovely brunch for their son's family and Hubs and me.  When food appears I seem to have photo there are no photos of my nephew, Bert, or his son, Buddy, Herbert Stelwyn Gates IV.  I cannot describe how blessed I feel to have been able to have quality time with MY family.  My brothers live 500 miles north and south of me; and their children, my nieces and nephews are scattered all from Arkansas to Pennsylvania and Virginia.  Needless to say, we are never all together.
I hung out with Bud and showed him how to live a more active lifestyle, LOL.
Hubs is an integral part of my family....they probably love him more than me but they know better than to tell me that.
Buddy's "grandpa name" is Bubba and I call Diane, his wife, Bubbette.  This was taken right before we left for home.  Bubba already looks better doesn't he?  He will be returning to their lovely home, January 18; Lord willing and the creek don't rise!

He is committed to getting back on his feet....out of the wheelchair....and only using the walker for safety not support.  Diet and Exercise are the word's of the day...for both of us.  How about you.......what are your word's for 2013?
My Christmas gift to my beloved oldest brother....he is all this and more!  I thank God for putting me in this family; (I am adopted both in the natural and supernatural.)  Genesis 50:20 is my life you have a life verse?


linpoq said...

Buddy looks good (so do you!) and I finally got to put a face w/ Bubbette!
All the best for the new year!!!

Vicki said...

Please give Buddy my best wishes for a full recovery!