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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Christmas Spirit

 Saturday I began getting my presents for my school kids ready.  I made each child a wool chocolate chip cookie pin/ornament because I call them my "smart cookies". 

Each child also got a set of sight word flash cards to practice with over the holidays and become "smarter cookies".  They also got a book.  Today I gave them their presents and they liked their cookies (most chose to wear them) and exclaimed with delight over their sight word flash cards.  Who knew they would think they were neat?

When I got home from school, this is what my kitchen counter looked like.  Hubs was ready to start his holiday baking.

One of the items on his list is to make Black Walnut Cookies for my brother.  My Mom was not a cook; but she did bake three kinds of cookies at Christmas and she made a ton of them.
Her repitior included brown edge wafers, toll house chocolate chip, and black walnut cookies.  I've never had black walnut cookies anywhere else and I don't know where she got the recipe.  The little brown recipe box was hers.  After I took typing in high school I typed most of her recipes for her but today I found a few in her own handwriting.  That made me tear up.  My Mom and Dad have been gone 31 years; my grief was long and hard but mostly gone after all this time.  This little recipe box took me back to childhood, home and Christmas...memories that are bittersweet  now.
 Speaking of sweet, the card on my mantle is from one of my school kids.  Corin gave it to me last week.  I love the big pink glued on heart....She is a Jehovah's Witness...not allowed to celebrate holidays.....but she managed to get her message across to me without any religious or Christmas symbols.  I hope my wool cookie translated my love to her.
We have been studying rhyming at school so today I read them The Night Before Christmas and had them pick out the rhyming words.  It was evident some of the children had never heard the story before.  Yes, they knew about Santa....not sure who St. Nick, or Saint Nicholas were.  Next year, they will each get a copy of that book from me; Lord willing.
 Last year we moved to a slim tree so we could have it in our den to enjoy.  I put it on at 6 am when I get up and Hubs turns it off when he goes to bed.  It adds such a lovely, festive glow.
Yesterday we went to Darlington to hear our son's church's Christmas program.  Granddaughter Hannah is in the adult choir that sang very well.  The dramatic portion was really well done; good stage set and lighting, great audio (Hubs and I could hear every word) and a good message embedded in the drama. 

When we got Granny home she told me she had something for me. The gorgeous wreath above that she had Sue the Floist in Cheraw make for me.  Outstanding....and such a suprise!

All this is to say, today I got up with "the Christmas spirit".  I don't have it every year; and it may not stay every day of the holidays; but I have it today.  I love every one and every thing; there is joy in my heart and much thanksgiving to God for all the blessings He has given me......a lowly sinner, an orphan, the least of these.....raised up to be a "daughter of the king, Jesus and a friend of God."  Selah.  And just doesn't get any better than that!

Do you have the Christmas Spirit yet this year?


Anonymous said...

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Ashli said...

Love the wreath! Glad you found the spirit, and Christmas cookies was a cute idea for the kids.

I think I will find my peace when school is out and I get a break from work demands and 100 other things going on...
I see peace on the horizon, though.

linpoq said...

I have the spirit today after my good friend came to help me wrap gifts this morning. Having been away for almost 2 weeks, I was way behind! Tonite I went out w/ my young teacher friends for a glass of wine and much needed laughter. The best gift to me was a call from my younger son w/ news of another good day - that's 7 in a row......thank you, Lord!!!!