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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hospitality 101

Hi kiddos!
I have a prayer request for you.  Caitlin got her braces and she is in a lot of pain and unable to eat.  Please pray that your cousin will adjust to "metal mouth" and be able to eat.

Our Bible study today is in Acts 16.  In Acts 15 Paul and Barnabas had a disagreement and split up.  That shows us even great heroes of the Bible had their moments and didn't always get along.  If you read Acts 15 you will find out what their falling out was about.

Paul and his new sidekick, Timothy, arrive in Derby and as usual seek out the believers there.  They go to the river where some women are meeting and talk to them about God.  One of the women is a business woman named Lydia who is very interested in what Paul is saying and invites him to her home.

This passage is interesting to me because it shows the disciples were interested in evangelizing women.  It also shows women could own their own businesses back then.  Over and over in the Bible I see examples of hospitality important.  To me, hospitality, is inviting people into your home either for a meal or to share food.

Remember that as you invite friends into your have an opportunity to share Jesus with them.

Have a good and godly day; I love you!


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