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Friday, August 9, 2013

TGIF people your age even say that any more?

Today Paul and Silas enter Athens in Chapter 17 of Acts.  Athens, Greece was a big deal back in the day.
 Take a peek at the website to get an idea of what it looked like then and now.

Before Paul heads to the temple to talk to the Jews he takes a tour of the city just as we might if we arrived there today.  He notices there are a lot of statues and temples to gods and goddesses.  When he addresses his audience he mentions the fact that they have a monument to "the unknown god".  I guess the Greeks wanted to be sure to cover all their bases; that they hadn't missed a god and made it mad by ignoring it.

Paul very cleverly points out he knows who the unknown god is....He is Jehovah .....the ONLY God, maker of heaven and earth, creator of every living thing.

If you walk around a modern city in America today you won't see statues of gods like in Greece but you will see some things we Americans seem to worship.  Material things, fashion, entertainment, food, etc....  We need to make sure we are not putting our time and attention on these things.....they are not the one true God who loves us and deserves our love and worship.

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