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Monday, June 30, 2014

I Doubt It

I haven't looked at this blog in almost a year.  What do I find?  The stats say six people looked at it today.  Really?  I seriously doubt that.  Something like 21,000 all time views since I started it in 2011.  Even less likely.  But. Since I am here.....

I talked to granddaughter Hannah today about her recent Mission Trip to Georgia.  The youth from her church joined youth from other churches to help work on poor peoples homes.  Think roofing inGeorgia in a very hot June.  Hannah loved the couple whose home they worked older black couple, very appreciative of everything the youth did.  Her team was smaller than most so they had to stay on the job later each day to get the work done before the week was over.  Dinner was gone by the time they got back to the base, church.

There was a skinny little boy who rode his bike around the neighborhood while they worked each day.  He wouldn't take a bottle of water from the teens but when they left it on his driveway he drank it eagerly.  These teen missionaries gave their extra lunches to the child's father who wept when he received the food for his family.

I am jealous......of my granddaughter.....I have never been on a mission trip and she has been on age fifteen.  Maybe next year we can go together.

I don't doubt it!

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