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Saturday, July 19, 2014

I am a Spiritual Misfit

I think I qualify for the category of "spiritual misfit" for a lot of reasons.

I actually like Sunday School better than church.
I think it's silly that our pastor changed the name from Sunday School to Bible Fellowship.
I think having services on Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening is buzz kill.
Singing a praise chorus more than three time is repetitive.

Probably a clue to my rebellious nature comes from being raised Methodist.  This is the denomination that actually joined the black and white parts into one in South Carolina.

Clue number two: I recently went to a black Baptist church here in SC and enjoyed the service more than at my own church......even though I was not really welcomed there.

I think what we do (say) outside the church is more important than what we do and say inside the church.

But having said that I am sad to see the organized church changing from lovely brick and mortar buildings to meeting in civic centers and movie theaters.

When visiting in Washington, DC recently a friend told me about a nationwide movement where city people join "villages."  These for people who want a support system or community of people to do things with or take them to the doctor or airport etc....   Isn't that what the church use to be?

These are a few reasons I might fit under the title "spiritual misfit" even though I am a saved, baptized, Southern Baptist who reads her Bible and prays daily.  What about you?  Misfit or not?

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