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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Little Gatester

Saturday, I had my youngest Grandson, Gates, for the day and as usual it was action packed. Some neighbors have goats so we visited them after we read The Billy Goats Gruff.
A game of baseball with PopPop was in order. Notice Gates is batting right handed.

The next pitch he is batting left handed. So we may have a future Mickey Mantle/ switch hitter on our hands.

Gates, loves, loves, loves him some water. Saturday he devised this extension to the watering can. Believe me the plants were watered and rewatered many times.

Gates and Nana had a golf game. Here he is raising his hand to the "gallery" saying "Thank you, thank you" for their imaginary applause.

He did not need my help choosing the right club.

In between his other sports activities he was "Farmer Fred" working on his tractor. I went and got a notepad to record our conversation.
"I'm Farmer Fred, what your name Farmer Girl?"
"Farmer Girl."
"No your real name"
"Farmer Fran"
"Okay, Farmer Fran, let's go to work and then we play golf."
"What you writing Farmer Fran?" "You makin a list for me?"
"Write down....tractor....dig....mow grass...rake....find golf...that all."
"Then I go at church"
"I think that it"
"You got dat down?"
"Good morning, Farmer Fran" "I am the best farmer in the world"
"What are you doing, Farmer Fred?"
"I'm putting poison on the tractor."
"What for?"
"Make it go really, really, fast. Super dooper, dooper fast. Police not catch me now!"
Later he entertained the whole family with his impression of Uncle Dudley the worship leader at his church. I wish I had a video!
Grandchildren......never a dull or serious moment!

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