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Thursday, February 2, 2012

100th Day

Tuesday, Grandson Gates got to go to work with me at my alma mater Plainview Elementary.

The first order of business was putting Froot Loops on a 100 chart.  Any misshapen ones were allowed to be eaten.  The Gator seemed to have an inordinate amount of misshapen loops, LOL.  The children then strung the loops onto yarn to make a necklace.  They were allowed to eat the loops off the necklace.  Gates' was bare in a matter of minutes.....he said he had grits, gravy and biscuits for breakfast....hmmmm.

Gates and Mrs. Anderson, the Ktg. teacher had quite a conversation. 

The children had brought 100 Day Projects which I wish I had taken close ups clever. 

 All kids wore colorful glasses made with the number 100.  How very cute.
Mrs. Anderson baked a 100 Birthday cake and we sang "Happy 100 Days to US!" very enthusiastically.
I missed getting a picture of their ten blocks of ten...each made with a different food item....10 mini marshmallows, 10 pretzles, 10 Skittles, etc....Pop Pop and I helped Gates eat his bounty when we got through playing basketball, golf and climbing Dead Man's Hill, and exploring the "pond" ie old waterhole. Gates thinks Swamp People is filmed there....if it is we need royalties, people.

It was my first Hundreth Day Party....but hopefully not my last!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute! I remember when Peter was in the first grade he got his picture in the newspaper for something having to do with the 100th day of school. I personally love that we have reached the 100th day---it's all downhill to summer from here!

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I love you too!

linpoq said...

Ahhhh, yes!!! The 100th day of school....sometimes I miss my days there!